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Our portions are big and not for the faint hearted. Smaller portions are available so please ask.

The Angel Inn
Great Food, Great Choice

We dont do fast food we do food as fast as we can!

Check out our varied selection of home-cooked, locally sourced food - please give us a call if you'd like to order in advance, or pop in and relax with a drink whilst your food's prepared.


Garlic Mushrooms £5.25

Atlantic Prawn Cocktail £6.20

Crispy Southern fried Chicken Strips £5.25

Homemade Soup of the day £4.95

Soup and a Sandwich (please see sandwich list) £6.50

Bowl of Home-Cut Chips £2.50
Add gravy or melted cheese to the chips. for £1.00

Bowl of curly fries £2.50

6 Homemade Beer Battered Onion Rings £3.50

Bowl of Sweet Potato Fries £3.20


20 Homemade Onion Ring Stack £6.20

Baked Camenbert £8.50

Nachos £8.50

The Heavenly Combo £12.50


All served with salad garnish and homemade coleslaw

Plain Butter £5.50

Red Cheddar Cheese or Stilton £5.90

Cheese and Beans £5.90

Cheese, Bacon and Onion £6.50

Prawn or Tuna Mayo £6.50

Bacon and Brie £6.50

Bolognaise or Chilli £6.20

Home Cooked Steak ‘n’ Ale Pie Mix and Vegetables £7.20



All served with homemade gravy and hand-cut chips upgrade your chips to curly or sweet potatoe fries for £1.00, Garnish optional.

Hot Roast topside of Beef & fried onions or horseradish £6.50

Hot Roast Loin of Pork & Stuffing or apple sauce £6.50

Pork Sausage & Onion £6.50

Haddock Fillet Fish Finger with tartare and a squeeze of lemon £6.90

3 slices of rindless back bacon served in a floured bread bun add egg or sausage for 50p £3.80


All served with hand-cut chips, homemade coleslaw and salad garnish upgrade your chips to curly or sweet potato fries for £1.00

Chicken Mayonnaise & Cheese £6.90

Southern Fried Chicken & Cheese £6.90

Topside of Beef, Onion & Cheese £6.90

Bacon & Cheese or  £6.90

Brie & Bacon £6.90

Sausage & Cheese £6.90

Beef & Stilton Melt £6.90
White baguette stuffed with home cooked beef and topped with melted Stilton cheese served with chips.

Sausage & Chilli Melt £6.90
White baguette with sausage topped with chilli and melted cheese served with chips, please note this is not available as a toastie.



All served with hand-cut chips, homemade coleslaw and salad garnish. Upgrade your chips to curly or sweet potatoe fries for £1.00.

Prawn Mayonnaise £5.90

Tuna Mayo £5.30

Chicken Mayonnaise £5.90

Plain Chicken Breast £5.90

Egg Mayonnaise £5.30

Home Cooked Roast Beef, Pork or Ham £5.90

Cheese & Onion or  Pickle, or Tomato £5.50

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato £5.90

Chicken and Bacon mixed with mayo £5.90 


Fish & Chips £8.50
Homemade ale battered haddock served with hand-cut chips and mushy or garden peas, add bread and butter and a pot of tea for £1.50.

Homemade Steak & Ale Pie £8.90
Slow cooked chuck steak steeped in ale, served with a short crust pastry top, hand-cut chips, mash  and seasonal vegetables.

Horseshoe Gammon Steak £8.50
Served with fried egg or pineapple, fresh salad, coleslaw & hand-cut chips and garden peas. Add extra egg or pineapple for 50p each.

Homemade Lasagne or Vegetarian Lasagne £8.50
Served with fresh salad, coleslaw, hand-cut chips and garden peas.

Breaded Whole Tail Scampi £8.50
Served with fresh salad, hand-cut chips and peas. Add bread and butter and a pot of tea for £1.50

Lamb Shank £8.90
With mint gravy, served with mash or chips and seasonal vegetables.

Roast of the Day £8.50
Beef or pork served with seasonal vegetables,mash and roasties and Yorkshire puddings. Add extra meat for £1.50 or yorkshire pudding for 50p

Giant Yorkshire Puddings £7.50
Filled with beef or pork or sausages or homemade steak & ale mix, all served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Bulk up your meat for £1.50

Homemade Chilli £8.50
Served with plain rice or chips and garlic bread .Add cheese for 50p

Bangers, Mash & Peas £8.50
3 Local reared pork sausages served on a bed of fresh mash with onion gravy and peas.

Trio of Fishcakes £8.50 
1 salmon & dill 1 smoked haddock and 1 thai cod & prawn fishcake served with hand cut chips, fresh garnish and homemade coleslaw.

All Day Breakfast large £7.80

2 fried eggs,2 rashers back bacon,2 pork sausages,grilled tomato,black pudding,baked beans,mushrooms and 2 toast.

All day breakfast regular £5.80

1 fried egg,1 rasher back bacon,1 pork sausage, grilled tomato, mushrooms,baked beans and 1 toast.

Ploughmans Lunch
Pork Pie, 3 cheeses, beetroot, pickled onions,boiled egg, home cooked ham,slaw,pickle  & crusty roll.

Angel Chicken Curry £8.50

Homemade chicken curry served with hand cut chips or boiled rice.

Mixed Chicken Overload  £12.50

2 crispy chicken fillets, 2 southern fried chicken,2 chicken wings 4 homemade onion rings curly fries with homemade slaw and BBQ sauce> add a floured bread bun for 50p.

Ham,Egg and chips £6.90

Home cooked ham,2 eggs and hand cut chips.

BBQ Spare Ribs £7.50

10 rack of ribs served with homecut chips, salad garnish and homemade slaw. Upgrade your chips for curly or sweet potatoe fries for £1.00.

Courgette and Brie Crumble £8.90

Potatoes,courgettes and gree beans in a rich brie sauce topped with crumble served with chips.


All served with salad garnish, homemade coleslaw and hand-cut chips. Upgrade your chips to curly or swet potato fries for £1.00.

Classic 8oz Sykes House Farm beef burger £6.90

Classic 8oz Cheeseburger £7.50

Black & Blue Burger £7.90
8oz burger topped with melted Stilton cheese served on a fresh floured bun served with chips.

1 Crispy chicken fillet burger £7.50Add anothe rfillet for £1.50

Veggie Burger £6.50

Chicken New yorker £8.20

chicken breast burger topped with 1 rasher of rindless back bacon BBq sauce and topped with mature red chedder.

The Hot One £8.20

1 hot & spicy chicken breast burger topped with 1 rasher of back bacon, piri-piri sauce, jalepenos, and melted mature red cheese. add another hot & spicy burger for £1.50

8oz Sykes House Farm Lamb Burger £7.50

with a hint of rosemary.

The Big One £10.50

2 x 8oz classic beef burgers topped with 1 rasher of back bacon and topped with mature red cheese.


Bowl of fresh mixed salad leaves,tomato,cucumber,boiled egg,pickeled onions,beetroot, and a warm mini crusty loaf or brown bread. 

Warm Chicken and Bacon £6.50

Home Cooked Roast Ham or  Beef or Pork £6.50

Prawn £6.50

Tuna £5.90

Mature Red Cheese £5.90

Please ask if there is a particular salad that you would like, if we have it, we will make it.



Fish & Chips £4.95
Hand-cut chips and peas.

Pizza £4.95
A choice of margherita, pepperoni or ham & pineapple.

Chicken Nuggets £4.95
Chips and beans.

1 Sausage and Mash £4.95

Sandwich & Chips £4.95
Fillings as per main menu.

2 Fish Fingers £4.95
Chips and beans or peas.

1 pork sausage, egg and chips £4.95

Skinheads on a Raft £4.95

Beef burger and chips £4.95



Sticky Toffee Pudding

Treacle Sponge

Hot Chocolate Chip Sponge

Spotted Dick

Hot Lemon Sponge

Apple & Rhubarb Crumble

A choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate Ice Cream £2.50


COFFEE from £2.10 Add a 35ml shot of alcohol for £3.00 extra

Americano, Latté, Cappuccino, Cafetière, Yorkshire Tea, Flavoured Latté (Vanilla or Hazelnut) and Hot Chocolate.